Nicotiana Rustica – Mapacho

Tobacco is also said to help invoke the power of other plant medicines. The indigenous people speak of other plant ‘spirits’ liking the tobacco spirit. Anyone who partakes in an Ayahuasca ceremony, for example, usually sees the curandero smoking tobacco and often partakes in the ritual smoking themselves.

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Nicotiana rustica, otherwise known as tobacco. What makes this strain of tobacco different from your normal everyday cigarettes or cigars is that this specific strain is the most potent strain of tobacco that we know of. It contains up to nine times more nicotine than your average cigarette or cigar. It doesn’t just have more nicotine but it also has more harmine which is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor or MAOI for short and which is psychoactive in it’s own way.

It’s still used to this day for ritualistic purposes by shamans from South America due to the high concentration of nicotine and harmine. Only one “hit” of rustica is needed to get a headrush that lasts for about seven seconds and yes, this also counts for people thats been smoking for years. If you manage to look past the nausea and smoke enough(less tobacco than what a normal cigarette holds), you get to pass out and have a very vivid dream.


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